The Global Ocean Refuge System is an initiative of Marine Conservation Institute.


4010 Stone Way N
Suite 210
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: +1 206.686.1455
Fax: +1 206.686.1460
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Science Office

14301 Arnold Dr.
Suite 25
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Phone: +1 707.938.3214
Fax: +1 707.996.4842
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To donate, please visit our support page or contact Sarah Hameed, Director of Global Ocean Refuge System, at [email protected] or +1 707 531 7675.

Media and Bloggers

For more information, media and bloggers only, please contact Michael Gravitz - Director of Policy and Legislation: [email protected] +1.202.546.5346.

Cristian Dimitrius-GLORES Partner Photographer

Cristian Dimitrius-Global Ocean Refuge Partner Photographer